Cesaro For Assembly | Issues
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When elected to represent the 26th , my goal will be to fight the liberals (of both parties) in Trenton who are responsible for…

New Jersey leading the nation in people moving out, leaving YOU to pick up the tab

Bail Reform

Bail as we knew it no longer exists in New Jersey thanks to a voter approved referendum in November of 2014. While well-intentioned, this bail “reform” is rapidly becoming a disaster for the judicial system and the taxpayer. When elected, I intend to use my experience as a municipal prosecutor and as a freeholder to work toward sensible bail reform laws that protect victims and taxpayers in Trenton.

Gas Tax

Nobody likes the fact the gas tax was increased by 23 cents. In fact, as a freeholder I voted in favor of a resolution that opposed the gas tax increase. Unfortunately, we are stuck with it, which means when elected it will be my job to ensure that the money is utilized properly. The first priority is to reduce New Jersey’s highest in the nation cost of road repair. It is going to take some out of the box thinking to create ways to make road work bidding more competitive. Perhaps we could attempt some form of public/private venture or compel contractors to prove to us how they will stream line the way they do business that will lead to cost reductions in road maintenance.

School Funding

Thanks in large part to the NJ State Supreme Court, the state’s school funding formula would make any math teacher’s head spin. It is completely unfair that school districts representing 22% of the state’s students receive nearly 60% of the state funding. At the same time, suburban school districts must continue to do more with the same or, worse, less. When elected, I will fight to ensure that a fair and equitable funding formula is put in place to address the needs of all our public school children.

Economic Climate

We all know the problems- high taxes, people leaving the state in droves, and fewer jobs. Business as usual isn’t the answer. It is time to allow a new set of eyes to look at the problems and to come up with innovative solutions. It is also time to use what we have as a base for building more. For example, our neighbor to the south, the tiny state of Delaware, had the 14 th fastest job growth rate in 2016 thanks to a continued pickup in the credit card industry. It is no accident that Delaware is a hub for the credit card industry and, naturally, the industry was enticed. New Jersey houses 14 of the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. Why not emulate our neighbor to the south and entice more companies with programs we already have in place for a field we already welcome? More jobs help to keep the tax rate stable and prevents a mass exodus from New Jersey.